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Navigating that tricky area of choosing gifts and toys

by on November 8, 2013
in Podcast

With so many fantastic gifts and ideas to choose during this holiday season it’s getting even harder to choose the right gifts and not choose too many gifts.

This time of year is really tricky as you see so many goodies it’s hard to not end up with a long list of gifts and toys for our kids. Then what about extended family and what they’d like to gift the children? Sometimes great! Sometimes not so good.

We look at some truths in the show today and guide you through the process of finding what will work for your family. This is the final part of the three part mini series on Crafting your holiday season. For those who want to do something peaceful and purposeful for their family holiday season and create lasting memories and connection.

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Part One :Crafting your simple holiday season

Part Two: Craft your holiday traditions

Paper Crafts: DIY Paper Mache Bowls


Gifts- How many toys should a child have?

Gifts as a love language

Solving the huge present pile dilemma

How to keep gift choices simple

Something that you give every year

Making a switch with when the toys come

Instead of getting more stuff nurture time and attention to the season.

Creating memories to cherish during the holiday season using the 3ps

Use the 5 Ds for a purposeful and peaceful holiday season

Gift guides through Modern Parents Messy Kids

Toy selection guide– finding the right toys of value and ones to avoid.

TOADY awards from CCFC. Finding the toys that we should avoid.

Felt travelling toys

Natural handmade car that is just perfect for wheel and vehicle lovers

 Making your own toys especially dolls that are personal

Extended family joint gifts that keep on giving each year

10 day toy challenge so you reduce the overwhelm of toys in your home

Amazon wishlist helps families tune into your toy and play choices and share with others.


Find more about crafting your holiday season

What are you doing this year to have a simple holiday season that nurtures your family?


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One Response to “Navigating that tricky area of choosing gifts and toys”
  1. Audrey Simmons says:

    I really enjoyed this holiday series! I just wanted to share a family tradition we have for pacing Christmas morning a bit. My family growing up was HUGE, so if we weren’t organized, it was pure chaos. My whole life, Christmas morning included reading Luke 2 together before going into the room with the tree (my grandfather or Dad would read) and then everyone would sit down somewhere in the living room. The job of Elf belonged to one of my uncles for a long time, then was passed to me, and then my brother. Basically, the Elf sits nearest the tree and reads gift labels and hands out presents. He would start with younger, wiggly kids and work his way up to adults, making sure everyone got turns. Gifts were opened one at a time, so people could see and admire things. It stretches out unwrapping (even with just a few gifts per person) into a lovely, slightly hectic, conversational affair– the adults and cousins can talk to each other and hear what’s being said, people can tease about or join in excitement over individual gifts, drink coffee, munch on brunch foods. I can’t imagine a gift free-for-all and I didn’t even know people opened gifts that way until I was much older. It’s a lovely tradition that we’ve tweaked over the years, but essentially never changed. :)

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