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Raising Playful Tots show 31: Preschool play in newsletters

by on June 30, 2010
in Podcast

What’s in your preschoolers backpack? Is it full of crafts and activities? Lurking near the bottom is probably a newsletter or something for us to read. This week I take a look at what we find in our preschool newsletter. Is it useful for parents other than just dates or does it help connect and play with our children in this 21 minute podcast.

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Show notes

00:00 Introduction and Welcome

01:08 Last week Janni Nicol show #30 Steiner/Waldorf play

01:21 Are you a mum with a question about play or want to share your play ideas? Email me. or Voice mail 512 827 0505 x 3998

01:51 Moving. Finding toys, yard sales and collaborating together

04:22 Starting age of school in the UK and overview of our preschool experiences so far.

05:03 Preschool information that they bring home? Newsletter

09:07 Suggested home activities

10:31 Month of preschool emails about play

14:41 Weekly newsletter of play activities | Play-activities.com

16:23 Judy Johnston: Tessy and Tab

16:33 Weekly finds:

18:19  Outdoor products contest|  TV  appearance

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