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RPT 49: Cultural diversity in the home

by on March 1, 2011
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Today we’re finding easy and fun ways to add some cultural diversity into our playtime with Karen Nemeth. Karen Nemeth, author of Many Languages, One Classroom: Teaching Dual and English Language Learners, educator, director and consultant in the field of child development and early childhood education


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Show notes::

Why we should have culturally diverse materials in the home?

Where is a good place to start to find culturally diverse materials in the home?

    • watch babies

  • multicultural music
  • books in different languages
  • software
  • apps

Ann Morris: Bread, Bread, Bread (Around the World Series)

Houses and Homes (Around the World Series)

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes (Mulberry Books)

Bilingual books and music along with ipad apps  :annalomba.com ( pictures and languages)

06:55 Search for Markets or a festival for authentic experiences

Musical instruments from other countries or play materials made out of natural things.

Wheel on the bus app

LanguageLizard.com Bilingual books, newsletter and books in other languages.

1 in 4 babies born in 2005  were to immigrant families in the US

There are more than 250 languages are spoken in  London making it the most linguistically diverse city in the world.


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  1. Have you seen @languagelizard? Recommended by @KarenNemethEdM Listen to more on Raising Playful Tots 49 http://raisingplayfultots.com/podcast/rp… #ece #play

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