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You’re home with the kids. Now what?

Simple Parenting and Play planner
Not so easy is it?

  • There was that play activity you wanted to do.
  • You said this year you would do more activities together as a family but it’s not happened yet.
  • Your son has just dumped his sister’s toy box.
  • Wasn’t there a playdate this afternoon or was it tomorrow?

Life with kids can get pretty complicated really quickly.

You know how time passes so quickly once you get into the week. Weeks become months and the months become years. Time passes quickly and we have such a short time with our little ones.

It’s easy to feel guilty about not doing enough with our kids and not buying enough of the right things ( foods or activities).

We wish for dreamy days and happy families with less of the demands for more time away. We want our kids to have the best family experiences. ….Me too.

It’s not easy to combine our wants and needs, work, marriage and family into
something that we all enjoy.


I’m not going to promise you perfect obedient children or a sparkling organized home. ( That would unrealistic, unimaginable….un-everything!) Home is where children live, partners want to dwell and families thrive.

What I do have is a system that supports you where you are right now and gives you some guilt free focus to grow your family further into what you want it to be.

 Simple Parenting and Planner is a new workbook, planner and calendar that helps you plan your activities together as a family for now and your future.

Simple parenting and play planner

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As mum of three boys, I know how easy it is to plan for work and your business when you’re solo. But when you have a family there are so many moving parts. Planning is not the same as it used to be BK…..Before kids! Fun things can just slip off our plans.

What’s different about this planner is

  • the space for spouses to dream, plan, write and act together or alone
  • + space for children and parents to come together to  Dream, Plan , Write and Act.
  • It’s a planner for the whole family and YOU.


You can make a real difference to how your family runs. It’s a planner for parents who want to give their dreams and plans wheels and wings.

This planner is the secret weapon that powers the family. Not filled out once and plopped on a shelf. Use it daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally and yearly…..you choose.

Kate of Picklebums


The play planner is bright and fun and easy to use. It’s a simple way to bring a little more thought and purpose to your family life and a great way to manage all the things you have to do, as well as find time for all the things you want to do! 

I loved that it made me stop and think about what I wanted out of each season, each week and even each day. It didn’t make me feel like we needed to stick to a strict routine, but it allowed me the space to jot down all the ideas that were previously just whirling around my head which allows me to feel a little more calm and on top of things

I loved that it includes a section on ‘things to plan for me’ as I know how easy it is for my dreams and goals can get lost when trying to juggle everything else on my plate.

I also loved the section on planning individual time with each child. I have four kids and it is a goal of ours this year to spend more one on one time with each child, but I know it is something we are going to have to actively plan for if it is going to happen, so this is a great tool for us.

There is so many extra resources and information in this planner! I loved the ‘Questions to ask the children’ and the two types of calendar pages and the list of links to more ideas..

-Kate - picklebums.com

Victoria – Australia

What’s inside ?

  • Prompts, brainstorms and conversation starters to help you plan a year of doing family your way
  • 19 different planning sheets to start the next 12 months your way
  • Evaluations and long hard looks at what’s been working, what needs to change and what’s out for this year?
  • Inspiration and examples to start new habits and rituals and keep the focus for the year.
  • Space for you- this isn’t only a planner about your kids, spouse and family. There’s a good space for you to plant and nurture your dreams. ( You know you have them just waiting.)
  • Daily, weekly and weekend Rhythm charts as you lay regular patterns into family life
  • Seasonal calendars to make the most of seasonal opportunities, festivals and activities.
  • Month by Month calendars to integrate the family calendar into our parenting and play.
  • Simple approach to parenting and play

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Sounds good but why is this important to me?


  • feeling calmer and enjoying a more positive relationship with your kids. Not that you’re floating on air with a fake smile plastered on your face kind of positive relationship. But that you’re enjoying the time with the kids.
  • you’re not just enduring this season ( sleepless nights, full work schedule, potty training, tantrums, lack of sharing) but present aware and active.
  • you’ve got plans to go, see and do without feeling you’re moving to someone else’s schedule.
  • your family time together is full of YOUR purpose… more board games? beginning that read
    aloud?cycling? family art class? movie night? LEGO night? No more floaty dreams these are regular reality.
  • family time is less about rushing here and there anymore. Play is less complicated.
  • feeling less guilt about failing to following through with the ideas you have for your family because you’re doing them.

…….there’s more laughter and humor as we experience more of the things we want within our

Do you want this for you?

Click the buy now button below and let’s get started mapping out this space and time, and doing this with our family!



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This is a digital download. Print and write on Planner.You will not receive anything by mail. 


Unsure? Let me answer your questions here.

Mamasmiles of mamasmiles.com

I love that this planner gets parents thinking about family goals and what you want the day to look like.

I enjoyed having this structure to sit and think about how I wanted to prioritize my family’s time. I also enjoyed the list of questions to ask children.

Definitely would recommend this planner… I think the Simple parenting and play planner is a great way to get families thinking about how they use their time and how they can build a stronger family.

Mama Smiles (http://mamasmiles.com), Silicon Valley, California

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